Contributions to Devotopias reveal the difficulties we have to be confident enough to take a significant leap of faith in having technology as a driver of radical positive change. We find it hard to leverage the power of technology to make us dream together of new alternatives, rather than just modernize our nostalgic past.

Another giant leap for mankind: 89% of people think setting foot on Mars will bring advances in science & technology to help saving the Earth.

The race to set foot on Mars is on. In less than a century, man will have set foot on both the Moon and Mars. The technology leaps that were needed to overcome these travels will have had very positive impacts on some of the Earth’s problems. Yet, seeing how hard it is to go to such a close planet, will make humanity more conscious about Earth’s value, and the necessity to find most of the answers within.


Ok Alexiri: 77% of people think interactions with things and places will be predominantly made by voice

More than 3 billion Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and other digital voice assistants are currently being used around the world. In 5 years their number should have exceeded the number of humans. Keyboards and mouses have made it possible for the internet to emerge. Smartphones  and voice are making it universal. We might just be in a transition phase to other new forms of interactions, with smarter external sensors and brain controls that would help us build a quieter world, leaving all the space to reconnect to one another.


Endless variety: 66% of people think gourmets will one day 3D print dishes downloaded from restaurants across the world.

Mobile first platforms are allowing customers to conveniently order meals in 1 click from an expanding array of local restaurants. With 3D printing technologies maturing, there seems to be a positive space for us to accept a new appliance in our kitchens to produce an infinite variety of customized fresh and nutritional foods on demand. Still we do not seem to be ready to abandon the emotions and sense of uniqueness that today comes with cooking ourselves or eating out in an atmosphere with people we care about. 


Devotopias survey was lead by Devoteam from October, 21st 2019  to December, 18th 2019. 900 people responded on an international scope – mainly European – including 69% of Devoteam employees, 66% men and 34% women.

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