Contributions to Devotopia reveal how much the time has come to decide what future we really want. We have to consider that technology is changing more of our lives than just the way we buy books or watch TV. The current foundations of our society need to be confirmed or changed, but we have to collectively agree on them.

Offline luxury: 66% of people think being disconnected will become the luxury of the 1% wealthiest persons

Only 50 years after the 4 first nodes of the internet were set up, we are already more than 4 billion users in the world. It seems to be only a matter of time for all of us to be connected. We are faced with the bare reality of the situation we have created, collectively calling for the equal right to (de)connection, neither being luxury, neither being compulsory. We can’t really turn back. Time maybe to set a few rules.


All free: 70% of people think that despite global surveillance, criminals will not be left out of prisons

Smile, you are potentially currently being recorded by one of the 350 million surveillance cameras in the world. Combining this reach with the now widely available algorithmic and computational power creates all the conditions for potential global real-time surveillance. But we are individually and collectively not ready for any trade-off. We don’t want criminals among us, and we don’t want to live under permanent global surveillance, that would, by design, place all of us into preventive detention.


Let’s play a game: 62% of people think all aspects of our lives will be gamified

We collectively spend every year millions of man-day equivalent engaged in a wide array of games. Games engage us to give the best of ourselves, putting high levels of concentration to solve complex problems, getting us happily out of our comfort zones, If we feel the future is full of major challenges to be tackled, we have the opportunity and responsibility to invent meaningful games that we can still have fun playing at.


Vote for your ideas: 79% of people believe political parties will no more be the platforms for citizen representation

In 2019, 1.9 million online contributions were left by French citizens to help set future national orientations. A small but significant step towards a more participative democracy enabled by technology. Still, it doesn’t look like we are removing all representatives and intermediary bodies, voting and contributing every day to every decision. But we have the opportunity to work collectively on taking technology out of the hands of a small number of protesters, influencers or extremists to successfully build new ways for democracy.


Sit back & relax: 60% of people believe most city public transports will become a thing of the past, replaced by shared and autonomous cars

Congestions are costing our economies hundreds of billions of euros per year, and having major environmental impacts. With the growing urbanization, the need for better mobility will increase exponentially. While the shared economy will maximize utilisation of sparse resources, robust public transports will be the backbone of cities. As public transport become autonomous and on-demand too, the boundaries with cars fade away, merging into a seamless global door-to-door commute system.


Devotopias survey was lead by Devoteam from October, 21st 2019 to December, 18th 2019. 900 people responded on an international scope – mainly European – including 69% of Devoteam employees, 66% men and 34% women.


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