Par Olivier Wolton

A new logo, new offers : the France Mutuelle group wanted to rethink its website to accompany its rebranding.

Take a look at France Mutuelle’s new website


A study that’s part of the design process

Intended for reaching new, younger customers and increase online subscriptions, the project was divided into three stages : understanding / thinking of the solution / guiding development; each of them validated by usability testing.

International benchmarking

Axance is taking full advantage of the international UXalliance network, by collecting insights from 53 countries on the best health insurance websites and demonstrating the cultural differences in terms of addressing the customers for example.

With more “sales-oriented” and direct speeches, foreign health insurance companies distinguish themselves from French companies by being less conventional and more illustrative.

See below for German, South-African and Indian health insurance companies :



Strategy for a SEO and user-friendly content

In order to achieve the business goals, a real content strategy was implemented by Axance to create a relevant brand message with an educational and humanizing line, meeting the user’s real information needs.


The content strategy set for France Mutuelle is both user-friendy and SEO-friendly :- a more business-oriented homepage (with an easy access to the estimate)
– an improved presentation of members and sales areas
– More informative headlines about the offers
– Wording emphasizing France Mutuelle’s values : listening, dialogue and support
– More information for non-members that first need to be reassured
– More news on health and insurance
– A service for health experts advice will be implemented


A new strategy for user-friendly and SEO-friendly content. A website in line with the users’ real information needs.