Par Olivier Wolton

Weber Saint-Gobain is specialized in the production and distribution of building materials in more than 48 countries.

Have a look at the new website


Stage 1 : defining the main lines of the future website

An audit was conducted on the existing website in order to identify and prioritize the service’s improvement areas. To take precisely into account the cultural specificities, this audit was conducted at the same time in France, Brazil, Finland and Germany by our local experts.

Stage 2 : involve the subsidiaries in the process

The operational guidelines taken from the audit were presented by Axance during a working seminar in front of 30 Weber Saint-Gobain representatives from various countries.Split into different workshops led by the Weber Saint-Gobain teams, local representatives worked on the guidelines to collectively establish the specifications of the future website.


Stage 3 :  secure the design of the new website

Before launching, the new website’ layout was tested by Axance on different types of users (clients, prospects, influencers) to assess its efficiency (ergonomics, sales performance…) and its ability to meet the expectations and requirements of every target audience.Like the audit, these tests were conducted in 4 countries, in order to define precisely the core service and the local adaptations to anticipate.


A project management team assisted by UX experts and user inputs throughout the mission; a new website tested and validated in 5 parts of the world !