Par Olivier Wolton

The main goal was to position as a “Premium” website in the media and information sector.


Agile development

In order to meet the tight schedule and optimize the collaboration with the in-house teams, Axance’s designers set up shop at Direct Matin for two months, working with the Design, Marketing and Development departments of Bolloré Média according to the agile methodologies. This immersion allowed Axance to be more reactive and efficient under tight deadlines.

This stage enabled to move forward efficiently while quickly settling on important matters : defining the concept, positioning, interaction principles, overall layout…

The layouts and functional prototypes designed also helped generate competition among the Bolloré Média teams.



A positive and dynamic design is structured around 3 main sections :

  • News, the core business,
  • A « media center »with a large selection of videos,
  • « Top news », an aggregation of the most discussed and recurring topics




The new website strengths lie in the dynamics of the layout and the location of the comments that enable a greater interaction with the users.