Par Olivier Wolton

Euresa, European Economic Interest Grouping comprised of 14 European insurance companies (including Macif, Maif and Matmut), was looking to adapt accident reports electronically via an app prototype called “E-constat”.


Establish an immersive environment for testers

Both printed and digital forms are available to participants to collect information on their respective advantages and drawbacks.


euresa, e-constat
Paper and electronic versions are put at disposal to analyze their advantages and defaults in “real” condition.


It would save a tremendous amount of time to fill it online and send directly to the insurance company” (a participant)

Most participants stated that filling the printed form was a tedious task (administrative information taking too long to fill in, sketch being a source of disagreement, fear of making a mistake or deletion) and felt ready to use and recommend the app to their relatives. The “e-constat” has a promising future ahead of it!


The conclusions are very encouraging ! A large majority of participants is ready to use and recommend the accident report form on smartphone.