Par Olivier Wolton

To encourage the user to dive into the website, the designers created a simplified browsing and rearranged content without designing just for the sake of it.

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A real discussion on editorial content

The new website is free from verbose language and relies on web-oriented texts : concise and focused.

A real content strategy was established to communicate on what’s strictly necessary, without redundancy. To put the human aspect forward, Axance and Devoteam chose to include high quality photos of the experts.


Favouring interactivity

Through this redesign, Devoteam wanted to give its users a completely revisited and refined browsing experience. This decision was implemented right from the homepage thanks to an immersive video. The other pages are long, inciting the user to scroll and unfold information.

Reading is also given rhythm thanks to diverse and impacting content : experts commentaries, key figures, case studies, clients and partners verbatim. This simplified browsing experience fits every user, sales representatives, candidates or technophile.


An international template

Even though content is broadly similar for every country, the webpage design – flexible and modular – enables to locally adapt to the subsidiaries’ specificities.


The feedback is unanimous, the Devoteam international team feels proud of the “professional” and “attractive” outcome. The previous website is already forgotten!