Par Olivier Wolton

We interviewed our client Manuela DUHAMEL, Intranet webmaster in charge of the redesign.


How did the collaboration with Axance happen ?

We contacted Axance to support us in the Intranet portals redesign for Optic 2000, Lissac, Audio 2000 and Gadol. Our goal was to rethink the browsing, ergonomics and design. We needed expert advice to maximize the user journeys.

What were the main stakes for Audiotic ?

The first stake was to imagine the redesign without reworking our technology and our base frame. So we had to rethink the browsing and ergonomics of our 4 brands altogether.

We then had to conceive a browsing experience that meets the needs of our various users (different occupations, different store sizes, digital knowledge, etc.).

Axance’s solutions had to be realistic and match these needs to help the Portal become a daily, useful, intuitive and modern tool.

Why did you choose Axance for this mission ?

We chose Axance among other agencies thanks to their clear methodology focused on user validation, already tested on intranet projects; and also for the guarantee of a realistic work, achievable by our in-house technical teams. We didn’t want a dream portal that was not going to come true.

What were the main stages of the project ?

The user needs analysis and the expert assessment of our Portal by the ergonomist were really important to help carry the project internally, as the conclusion was very clear.

User tests, done in Axance offices, were another important step. We were able to get direct feedback on our first prototype and fix it accordingly. Users were at the heart of the mission.

Finally, one of the last steps was the prototype introduction to the users during an internal brand event. It allowed the opticians to anticipate and comprehend the changes to come.

What did you gain from this collaboration ?

The teams from Axance were really attentive to the user needs throughout the project. Their expertise and methodology guided us through every step, while keeping focus on the user experience.

What is the impact of the redesign ?

It’s still early to draw conclusions. However, the portal is already seen as more modern, in line with the company strategy on digital development. We didn’t want our members to see the portal as dated. As for other indicators, we need more hindsight.

One final word ?

Axance’s support, through a professional, experienced and very friendly team, has made this mission even more pleasant !


A modernized portal, consistent with the other Intranet portals and in line with the digital strategic direction of the brand.