Contributions to Devotopia reveal the ambiguity of our world in transition. The historical economical forces pushing for strong self-regulation, now incarnated by the web giants, are coexisting with the rising necessity to establish a new societal model designed for sustainability and humanity first.

Digital Giants: 57% of people think digital giants will never become non-profit even in fear of being dismantled

Designed by a few individual pioneers for the purpose of developing the spirit of collaboration, the web has at the age of 30 turned darker, fully in hands of a few web giants. Politics and governments are not strong enough, and the risks of taming these incredible innovation machines is too high, to dismantle them. Time itself seems to be the only driving force for alternatives to emerge and raise to be the next giants.


AI blue collars: 65% of people think a new low wages workers class will emerge to tag data sets in the next 10 years.

AI today relies extensively on human brain labor to help it to learn, creating the feeling of intelligence while providing a source of employment & revenues for millions of people. It already seems normal, the obvious continuity of the current organisation of labour, with little impact for most of us. We are almost forgetting that we are most of the time all of us doing the job, for free, becoming more micro workers than consumers.


Open trades: 47% of people think consumers could reverse back to exchanging goods and services rather than adopt electronic moneys.

Countries and consumers are going cashless, virtual money replacing physical one. Despite deep concerns about hyper surveillance, cyber risk or techno dependance, there seems for all of us to be no turning back. Nevertheless scenarios for moving from cashless to moneyless are more extremes, some calling for it to refocus us on human and social interactions, other foreseeing it as the marker of the collapse of modern society.


Durable sustainability: 69% of people predict all companies will adopt 100% circular business models in the next 30 years.

We are collectively fully conscient that over consumptions is pushing our planet to the limit, but only a few individuals have truly changed their habits towards degrowth. In this context, circularity seems to be an acceptable alternative to the current situation, offering today a price benefit as a first step into a more “sustainability first” way of life.


Devotopias survey was lead by Devoteam from October, 21st 2019  to December, 18th 2019. 900 people responded on an international scope – mainly European – including 69% of Devoteam employees, 66% men and 34% women.

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