Contributions to Devotopia reveal how much health is a core concern for all of us. We expect technologies to bring only  the best individually and collectively, offering healthy life environments for humans at home and work, whether rich or poor. Yet we are not ready to easily trade our privacy and our rights to make informed choices against enforced paternalism even if it brings greater benefits for all.

Enforced diet: 77% of people think supermarkets automatically will tap into consumers’ personal data to enforce positive diet choices in the next few years.

Obesity numbers are skyrocketing. Good news, it’s widely preventable, imposing changes in dietary and physical activity patterns and it looks acceptable, likely and very positive to bring together and merge what technological solutions already exists to solve this major cause. But who could we trust to make it work, respecting the utmost privacy, deciding what is good or not, and maintaining the highest independence from industry players?


Best ever colleagues: 76% of people think Employees will one day be able to set the personality and the mood of their algorithmic colleagues.

The frontier between home and work is thinner, the connection is permanent and growing to be highly stressful. New algorithmic colleagues are starting to appear in our daily work lives. As they get smarter and more visible, concerns about them replacing part of the humans and increasing the pressure on the remaining ones rises. We need to set the conditions for leveraging the benefits of AI while offering healthy and balanced work environment for humans. 


Personalised prescriptions: 93% of people are confident in our ability to create tailored treatments for each individual thanks to DNA editing in the future.

Technologically speaking, genetically editing cells by inserting a normal gene into cells containing a defective gene, has never been closer to becoming reality. Good or bad use totally depends on our collective ability to govern against the misuse of these latest innovations. Shared moral attributes will guarantee the protection of our DNA identities and preserve the natural evolution and selection of humans as a unique species.


Devotopias survey was lead by Devoteam from October, 21st 2019  to December, 18th 2019. 900 people responded on an international scope – mainly European – including 69% of Devoteam employees, 66% men and 34% women.

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